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Welcome to HANOVIA
Welcome to HANOVIA
Photochemical Sustems
Photochemical  Power Supploes and Electical Control Systems

Power Supply and Electrical

   The power source used with a mercury vapor lamp must be capable of delivering a high initial voltage to ignite and establish an arc. After ignition, the lamp voltage drops to its operating level. A current-limiting device is also necessary to prevent excessive current through the lamp during its "warm up" period. In order to get uniform reproducable output as well as to extend lamp lifetime, the system should be power regulated or "stabilized",

A The power supply  

   The power supply used in Hanovia photochemical systems is a voltage-regulated constant wattage stabilized ballast, It consists of an" air-gap type transformer and a inductive and combination of capacitive reactance components which are power corrected to approximately 90%. One stabilized ballast is required for each lamp. With input voltage variations of ± 10%, the ballast will maintain constant lamp power to within ± 2%.
   The ballast is encased in a weather- proof metal housing, containing transformer oil.

Photochemical Power Supply Board
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