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Welcome to HANOVIA
Welcome to HANOVIA
Luxor Lamp
 Luxor Alpine Quartz Lamp
The Hanovia Luxor Alpine Quartz Lamp provides the practitioner with Full Spectrum Ultraviolet, Health, Germicidal, and Therapeutic Rays
400 Watts of Infrared Radiation for fast and efficient office and hospital therapy
25-Second Exposure - produces 1st degree erythema at 30"
Lamp Builds Up Quickly - to full intensity
Built-In - tape measure assures consistent patient positioning in relation to source
Quick Cooling - permits fast relighting
Intense Output - evenly distributed over wide, shadowless area
Fully Adjustable - to every position
Independent Operation - of infrared and ultraviolet generators
Rugged Design - assures years of dependable service
Operates on:
110-120 Volts, 60 Cycle AC
220 Volts, 50 Hz AC
Input: 560 Watts; 6 Amperes
Ultraviolet Source:
Self-starting, high-pressure pure quartz mercury arc tube equipped with activated thermionic electrodes. Metal leads sealed directly in quartz. 135 Volts; 450 Watts; 4 Amperes.
Average Output at 30"
with shutters vertical - 5100 Microwatts per sq. cm.
with shutters horizontal - 2900 Microwatts per sq. cm.
Infrared Source:
Two 200-Watt generators enclosed in quartz tubes...operated independently of ultraviolet type. 400 Watts.
Model No.
20900.301 110V - 60 Hz
20900.401 220V - 50 Hz
20900.501 220V - 60 Hz
20900.001 1R Element 60 Hz
20900.101 1R Element 50 Hz
602AO.140 Replacement Lamp
02448.401 Goggles
Z1526.001 Socket
Height 64"; Width 17"; Depth 24"
Shipping Weight:
130 lbs.
Two Lamps
In One
HANOVIA Specialty Lighting LLC
6 Evans Street
Fairfield, NJ 07004
voice: 973-651-5510
facsimile: 973-651-5550
e-mail: sales@hanovia-uv.com
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