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Welcome to HANOVIA
Welcome to HANOVIA
Photochemical Sustems
 Shedding New Light on Photochemistry!

The science of photochemistry is based on the interaction of molecules with quanta of light to produce unique molecular changes. The benefits of photo- chemistry are high yields and simplicity of control. Photochemical systems are ideal for "free radical" reaction mechanism. Applications are:

  • Halogenations of organic compounds
  • Production of primary mercaptans
  • Oxydations
  • Isomerizations
  • Polymerizations
  • Photolysis of toxic wastes

The products of industrial photo- chemical reactions are agricultural chemicals, intermediates, capro- lactam, and vitamin D, among other substances. Photochemistry is also used in the curing (polymerization) of specially formulated printing inks and coatings.

Hanovia has introduced the totally- packaged photochemical reactor system to simplify installation and increase operating efficiency, A photochemical reactor system consists of four elements: 1) The ultraviolet source; 2) Support equipment; 3) Power supply; and, 4) Electrical controls.

photochemical reactor system
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