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Conveyorized Ultraviolet Curing Systems

If you are looking for ultraviolet systems for curing -you are in the right place.

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Conveyorized Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Conveyorized Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Conveyorized Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Advanced Features That Put Hanovia Way Above The Rest

Efficiency, reliability and simplicity are designed into every Hanovia UV curing system – systems that enjoy a worldwide reputation as cost effective equipment for curing a wide variety of photocurable products.
These latest Hanovia UV curing systems require less floor space, provide better accessibility and easier maintenance.

UV Conveyorized System Technical features include:

  • Replaceable reflector elements
  • No-tools lamp change
  • Multi-level lamp power
  • Vacuum hold down
  • Adjustable curing chamber entrance opening
  • Adjustable speed conveyor
  • Individual lamp controls
  • Lamp height adjustment

All Hanovia UV curing systems are available with multiple lamps according to your production needs.
Hanovia’s more than ninety years of experience brings quality engineering and safety features to every product. And no matter what the need, there’s a Hanovia product to meet it.

Conveyorized Ultraviolet Curing System Controls
Hanovia UV Specifications
Typical Examples
Model Conveyor Width No. of Lamps Lamp Power Conveyor Speed (fpm) Conveyor C on Travel Approximate Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight (lbs)
UV-12-2 12.0″ 2 300 w/in 0-100 Left-Right 73 x 26 x 67 650
UV-15-1 15.0″ 1 300 w/in 0-100 Left-Right 57 x 30 x 53 750
UV-25-1 25.0″ 1 300 w/in 0-40 Left-Right 96 x 54 x 48 850
UV-48-2 48.0″ 2 300 w/in 0-150 Left-Right 96 x 73 x 48 1,200
Hanovia UV Module Electrical Requirements
Model 208V, 30, 60Hz 220V, 30, 50Hz 230V, 30, 60Hz 380V, 30, 50Hz 415V, 30, 50Hz 460V, 30, 60Hz
UV-12-2 60A* 60A* 60A* 35A ** 35A ** 35A **
UV-15-1 60A* 60A* 60A* 35A ** 35A ** 35A **
UV-25-1 90A* 90A* 90A* 50A* 50A* 50A*
UV-48-2 90A* 90A* 90A* 50A* 50A* 50A*
Conveyorized Ultraviolet Curing System dimensions

Higher power sources are available on request.
*Add 10 amps for vacuum hold-down option.
** Add 5 amps for vacuum hold-down option.

The UV Conveyorized Laboratory System

The Hanovia Companion in Conveyorized Systems

This conveyorized laboratory system provides intense ultraviolet energy for a wide variety of photo-curable products.

It is ideally suited for:

  • Curing photopolymer inks, paints and coatings
  • Photoactivation of UV sensitive adhesives
  • Graphic arts exposure

The Hanovia irradiation system incorporates a focused elliptical reflector, a 6-inch, 300-watt-per-inch UV curing lamp, a variable speed stainless steel fiber-glass conveyor belt, and an integral cooling fan into one complete tabletop curing package.

The conveyor belt has a variable speed motor with speeds from 6 to 40 feet per minute. With 3 lamp power levels, most all photosensitives can be efficiently cured in conditions equivalent to an industrial production environment.

Lamp replacement is simple. The removable top cover and lift off irradiator have no wires connected to them and the lamp can be changed without the use of tools. Safety interlocks cut lamp power should the cover be lifted with the lamp in operation. The control panel has a main power switch with circuit protection, a latching control power switch to prevent accidental start-up, a selector switch for lamp power level, a speed meter for conveyor speed, and a power on indicator light.

Technical Data

  • Optical shielding
  • 6-inch wide stainless steel belt
  • Integral cooling system
  • 1-1/4 inch maximum curing chamber clearance
  • 3 lamp power levels (300, 200 & 125 watt/per inch)
  • Variable belt speed control (6 to 40 feet per minute)*
  • Elapsed time indicator
  • Eight foot grounded electric supply cord
  • 120 volt, 60 Hz, 30 amp
  • Dimensions: 30″”W x 21 ” D x 24″H
  • Weight: approximately 220 lbs.

From Single Lamps to Complete Systems…
Hanovia is Your Headquarters for UV Light-Curing Systems

Whatever your application…


We’ll meet with you – plan and install a complete new Ultra Violet System – at a low, low cost. Ask the company with over 90 years experience in the UV industry for a no-obligation survey.

Dimensional Drawing
GY752 1000 720 630
GY902 1130 850 760
GY1102 1360 1080 1000
GY1560 1560 1280 1150

Model GY752/GYM752 GY902/GYM902 GY1102/GYM1102 GY1402/GYM1402
Lamp Power 75W/100W/120W 5KW/6KW/7.5KW 6KW/7.5KW/9KW 6KW/9KW/11KW 8.4KW/12KW/14KW
Lamp Arc Length 625 mm 750 mm 900 mm 1200 mm
UV Lamp 7.5KW*2 PCS 9KW*2 PCS 11KW*2 PCS 14KW*2 PCS
Conveyor Speed 5-40 M/Min 5-40 M/Min 5-40 M/Min 5-40 M/Min
Effective Drying Width 575 mm 700 mm 850 mm 1150 mm
Max. Workpiece Thickness 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Power Source 220V/380V 60A/35A 3§50/60HZ 220V/380V 85A/50A 3§50/60HZ 220V/380V 110A/65A 3§50/60HZ 220V/380V 130A/75A 3§50/60HZ
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) 2200x1425x1125 (mm) 2445x1555x1125 (mm) 2445x1835x1125 (mm) 3000x2035x1125 (mm)
Machine Weight 685 Kgs 750 Kgs 900 Kgs 1150 Kgs
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